Wednesday, August 9, 2023

"Like a Rainbow Road in the Dark" Mario Kart 8 w/ Robot Co-Op

I can't remember the last time I laughed that long playing games.

When Rikk Wolf of Robot Co-Op asked me to be a part of a stream on their twitch channel I was really excited! Never mind the fact that it had been a good long while since I'd hung out with him, it was the opportunity to play video games with friends, and I was about to stream on Twitch for the very first time! I’d also get a chance to go behind the scenes, to witness incredible work ethic, voice acting, and production work come to life in front of my eyes.

The whole experience was a hell of a lot of fun. If you get a chance please check out the stream located here: "Like a Rainbow Road in the Dark" on Twitch

Rikk was kind enough to show off some of the story of Ardor #1

The live stream started off with us talking a little bit about my background, some comic books I had created and an upcoming hybrid music and comic show that was going to be at the Granada in two days. I had also brought a few items from my Sega collection, specifically Panzer Dragoon oriented rarities for Rikk to show off on the stream.

A wonderful highlight moment was getting to meet the show mascot Drac, who is immeasurably, unapologetically, and overwhelmingly, adorable. And he knows he is.

Drac is insanely cute. LOOK AT HIS EYEBROWS.

Getting to be involved along Rick and Zack (who voices the hilariously offbeat and quick witted Cylon the robot) was absolutely equal parts tight professionalism and entertainment in the moment.

Comedy, especially improv and reactive comedy, is not easy to sustain or perform unless there is a rhythm and an unorthodox woven synergy. These two gentlemen, along with many of the other actors that are involved with Robot Co-op, have it in spades.

Some of it could be that every single one of them have unique and specific musical backgrounds. Music by its nature is mathematical, but it is also emotional, and exploratory. If you've ever played in a band, there are organic times that the rhythm and the vibe of the moment lead to unplanned moments of grand improvisation and discovery. I realized how truly lucky I was to be invited to be a small part of that. The wild part about the mathematic aspect present in the performances, is that it is a surreal algebraic ride. Jokes, vocal harmonizing bits, and rapid fire pop culture references, are the variables. It is solving for “X”.

Even though I was absolutely awful in gameplay, I had a blast!

At the head of the class is Rick, reigning in and manipulating the performances into a single focused maelstrom for entertainment. LIVE.

I have previously watched other streams in the past that had moments of amazing chaos, and some technical problems, that become infectiously, hilariously, candid, endearing, and even meme level legendary. Especially for the resilient fan base they have. They call themselves "Coggers".

If I get another chance to do this, I don't care if I have surgery scheduled, that can wait just so that I can be part of one of the most creative whirlwind efforts, I've ever been part of.

If you’re not following Robot Co-Op.

Do it. Do it now. And say that in your head, in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. 

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