Creative Interviews

Have you ever wondered what it took to make it in the creative industry? Specifically the areas that touch upon working in pop culture related sort of things? What it involved, what paths many of the people who work in the field had to go through, persevere over, and discover about themselves and the world of art they wanted to work in?

I'm reaching out to some of the most creative people I know and admire, to publish series of interviews that will serve not only as a resource of knowledge for those of you who have questions about what you need to do to get out there and work as a creative professional, but to also give you a  look into the minds and processes of the people that help bring the arts to life in their own unique ways.

I've long wanted to do this, because as a creator myself, these are the sorts of things I get asked at shows. But another part of it is that I had the opportunity to meet the great Bernie Wrightson some years ago, and always regretted not having had the chance to ask him more things. But I will never forget what he told me when I asked him about creating and he simply replied, "Never let the ink well run dry."

And so with that, I started this effort up. I hope for those of you who will read these, that you'll enjoy them as much as I did in creating them and interacting with the artists to come.

Brandi Miller's interview is now live! More are coming very soon!

I'll be writing up some new questions, doing research, and following up on suggestions that some of you have passed on to me at shows.