Show Schedule 2023 and Archives

Upcoming Shows for 2023:

Down to two remaining shows for the year! Seriously, where does time go?

The archive below organizes the ever expanding backlog of show reviews and events I have participated in over the years. Each of the links have a small caption stating which shows were reviewed that particular year. It is far from complete as I am adding in many reviews from years past that were hosted on my old website server.

Thankfully, I was recently able to retrieve and find almost all of the past show reviews and images from the now defunct geocities/yahoo site that I originally had them listed on.

Each banner now has just the shows for that year, and the caption below each lists out which shows exactly.
NakaKon, Geekcraft, FreeState
Geekmas, MicroCon, Latino Arts Festival, Freestate, NakaKon, Planet Comicon
KCCC, TopCon, Planet Comicon, SFAL, StealthCon, NakaKon
KC ZineCon, KCCC, Planet Comicon, Free Comic Day, NakaKon, StealthCon
FreeState, Illuxcon, Spectrum, Maker Faire, KC ZineCon, KCCC
Spectrum, StrangeFolk