Tuesday, February 22, 2022

It's 2/22/22

If you're ever in Independence Missouri, go to Winner Road, and you'll find La Plaza Restaurant.
I thought I would be updating in the early part of the year, perhaps getting into the flow in January. But that's not the case as you can see. But I DID want to make a quick post now, because of the date. 
This is the main area of the restaurant. It's also connected to a great little market that sells all sorts of items from Mexico and Central America.
So aside from enjoying some great food today (which was a nice mood booster), I also got an email saying that I was accepted into NakaKon 2022! So that's two shows confirmed so far for this year, the other being Fountain City Con.

I've been busy for the last few weeks with freelance and pulling stuff together for possible upcoming shows. I'm about halfway through getting Ardor issue #1 completed. 
Some of the warm up sketches I'll do while working on the comic book pages. 
Paper shortage and shipping times these days do have me a bit nervous as I want to make sure whatever I am creating will get here in time.

I'll end this entry now, and get into a longer one before the end of the month. It's been challenging to keep up with things like this blog, my social media sites, and keep trying to work on self promotion so I can keep my freelance and personal projects growing. 

Until next time, be kind to your fellow beings and always take the path less traveled. We all may live in times uncertain, but kindness, understanding, and believing in the good that is in most each and every one of us is what can bring about better days!

Mario, the Artisan Rogue
Illustrator, Voice Actor, Writer, Animal Rights Activist

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