Thursday, June 3, 2021

New group of Podcast Episodes are up now!

 Had been putting off making an entry about these latest three podcasts, but here they are:

As social circles begin to open back up and close back in on being around one another, I begin to wonder if I'm ready for all of that. Have I forgotten how to interact, how to do social interaction? So much has indeed changed, and to what ends? I do miss people, I also miss being around members of the public in general, so why do I have anxiety over this? After hearing about the passing of Kentaro Miura, the creator of the highly popular Manga "Berserk", I reflected once more upon the thoughts of work, and how it's not really everything, and if it is, then a need for change might be in order. This one runs the gamut from dealing with the negatives that can suddenly show up, to long burning insecurities or self doubts that finally come to a head and burst. I also go a bit into how I felt at the last major office job I had, as well as the challenge and things I had to face to carve out a path that is at times unstable, but leading towards happier ends.

Until next time, remember to support artists and local businesses. Be kind to your fellow beings and always take the path less traveled. We all may live in times uncertain, but kindness, understanding, and believing in the good that is in most each and every one of us is what can bring about better days!

Mario, the Artisan Rogue
Illustrator, Voice Actor, Writer, Animal Rights Activist

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