Saturday, April 28, 2018

Taking some downtime while I've been staying up.

Original image by Benjamin Wink.
The last few weeks have been quiet while I work on some various projects, and have been taking the time to update aspects of my social media. One of the videos I started working on was a mini behind the scenes of when I was making the Topsy Bot cart mini figs, that were given away on Agony Wolf Media's live Twitch stream.
The whole run just before they left the studio some months back.
Aside from working on a myriad amount of videos for an upcoming show (more on that later), and catching up on some client work, it's been a pretty quiet if normal set of weeks. I did end up going to Stealthcon for a while to hang out with some friends, and picked up a few things while at the show.

As I'd mentioned earlier, I opted out of shows for the remainder of the year so I could focus on my efforts to create more new work. With one or two exceptions, I may be taking off all of 2019 as well from doing shows. But anything is possible, and I think most of it is because I started working out the challenges and time that is owed to the efforts I was to see realized, and while working a few part time jobs to make ends meet, time is a premium I can't waste.

Until next time, have a happy new years eve, and be safe! Support your local artists, be kind to your fellow beings, and always take the path less traveled!

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