Monday, January 15, 2018

First post of the year, and it's attached to the fence of life.

Way too long in the making, but finally off to the printer.
I'd ended last year with a fairly large overhaul on a long list of goals that are on my main planning whiteboard. I had made up my mind that the only way to possibly get through all of the things that had been weighing me down, was to write them down and chip away at them. Sounds simple, but anyone that's done this knows that it's never that simple.

I started off with the best intentions, a sizeable amount of time off in between contractual work, not a lot else on the schedule to really impede me getting to what I had in front of me. Then I got sick. Thankfully, it was not terrible with the exception of a few days, but it was enough to make things kind of muted for me, and less of the case of enjoying the wonderful rainy weather that made it's way across the midwest.
When I had a tripod mounted to the side door for a b-roll shot, I went through a roundabout, and the ensuing shot that had the reflections in the mirror with the rest slightly out of focus, made for a cool effect. I hope I am able to use this shot.
I of course still worked as I could at the stadium, and working in what is essentially a cold cement underground bunker is only made half way enjoyable because of the people I worked with there. If any of you follow football, then you know that the KC Chiefs got totally and utterly kicked in the head by the Tennessee Titans in a game that was as embarrassing as it was bizarre.

I think that is only the second time ever that I have made a halfway respectable bit of football commentary since I started this website.
Snow has been coming in increments over the last few days.
So as I went through trying to over my cold, and get my art efforts back on track, a puppy mill issue arose along with many animals that were unwanted showing up just after the Christmas holiday.
As cute as they are. They along with a rescue building full of dogs now need homes...
Rescue and fostering doesn't stop. But it can. IF you, I, and everyone else that loves, likes, or even doesn't like animals, remembers to Spay and Neuter. But I'm beginning to think we live in a growing age of ignorance, not just when it comes to this, but many many other things in life. But I digress.
I believe my cat knows what mornings are good for.
So after some ups and downs with being sick (and it's still lingering a bit), I at least did manage to get my new comic finished up. I will also be doing a sale on all of my existing originals. I'm not sure what if any shows I am going to do this year. The more I think about it, the more I am very burned out on the art show circuit.

On that subject, I haven't been posting much on the documentary I was working on because I still need to make a few decisions on the overall narrative and presentation. The original goal was to have had my new cpu up and running by now, but no thanks to the insane prices of cryptocurrency, I've seen 8gig video cards go from $250 while in my cart on Amazon, to $600 and more, to eventually sold out.

I get it. People want to get "rich" quick. It takes a lot of gpus to effectively farm this stuff. But I'm just trying to get a system made without having to resort to selling marrow on the black market to create online content, and finish a silly little documentary. Hopefully prices will drop soon. I can't be the only creative or perhaps even gamer wanting to have an affordable but powerful graphics card for something other than digital monopoly money.
Scroll of wisdom from a cookie. I've played enough role playing games to know this is a horrible plot device.
I have weird habits. Who reading this doesn't? But even though taking anything of merit or meaning from a fortune cookie is about as fundamentally sound as believing in astrology (I don't, but I will admit that I tend to find a lot in common about Sagittarius), there is a bit of wisdom to be found in that slip of paper above. I try a lot of stuff, but I also can be reckless, often leap without looking, and there is a bit of a nutcase thrill in knowing that something could break on me. It's borderline self destructive behavior. So trying things isn't the issue. But thinking about an angle to solve things, along with a sound approach, may yield me some good things over time.

I guess the take away is to try. Try to succeed. Try to save more animals. Try to work on the things I don't like about myself. Try to be motivated. Try to be,...hell, the list can go on and on and on.

Failure is always there. I am all too familiar with it. But, for every bit of failure, there is eventual triumph, even if it doesn't end up like how I thought it would. 
Until next time, enjoy the rest of January! Support your local artists, be kind to your fellow beings, and always take the path less traveled!

Mario, the Artisan Rogue
Illustrator, Voice Actor, Writer, Animal Rights Activist

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