Bio & Resume

I'm Mario Mora, (aka "the Artisan Rogue"), an Independence, Missouri based freelance Illustrator, Poet, and Voice Actor. My company, the Artisan Rogue, is a one man effort, of publishing my art and writings, along with providing freelance services in design, illustration, and voice work. 

More than twenty years ago, I logged onto Geocities to learn about making websites so I could put my artwork online, and see if I could make a living at being a freelance artist.

Over the years, it's evolved into a record of my journey, covering a lot of aspects of my creative efforts, from failures, to triumphs and all else along the way.

You can find my show schedule below, 2023 is still mostly up in the air for what will be happening, but there's at least a tentative list shown.  

My current endeavors and upcoming releases include:
  • "Ardor: Vol 1" - upcoming graphic novel
  • "The World of Ardor" - collection of the concept art behind the story
  • "Pagan Zoetrope" - re-release of the original graphic novel with additional story and art
  •  "An Insalubrious Penillion of Verbal Adroitness: Vol 1" - songs and poems
  • "The Egos of Gods and Monsters" - security officer stories from the underbelly of humanity
  •  "I printed this sketchbook for you to buy." - sketches, musings, and some screw ups
  • "Retrophiliac" - growing up in the 1980s