Thursday, February 8, 2018


If you are coming to Planet Comicon, I will be booth #1440 in Artist Alley.
I will be there selling things I made because it is frowned upon to sell stuff off of other people's tables, no matter how awesomely funny that would be.
I will be standing the entire show, because I hate Bartle Hall chairs. If I am not at my booth, I was either kidnapped, abducted by aliens from Alpha Centauri, got locked in the bathroom stall by accident, forgot my keys, might be under the table looking for a bag of chips, or maybe pretending to be a floor lamp. 
I'd like to say I would have Capri Suns for everyone, but that was an abysmal failure on my part 6 years ago, and I've never forgiven myself for underestimating the demand for free bagged beverages and since I also work part time for Aramark, who will be providing food services, I do not want a beat down to occur from my fellow coworkers.
So do come out to the show, bring money, bring children (preferably your own...) that like shiny things, and I will have insanely low priced deals on art. There will be a lot of my creative friends there as well, and you'll hear me tell you who to check out after you all visit me.
Be there or be a random generated geometric configuration of your choosing.

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