Sunday, October 22, 2017

Harry Potter in Concert

The Kansas City Orchestra did an amazing job.
This whole new appreciation for live music has entered my head, and it all started again when I went to go see the KC Symphony perform accompanying the first Harry Potter film that played on a screen above the musicians.

I normally don't watch the first two Harry Potter movies as much as I do the rest of the series. They did set the precedent and look for the series, but they feel like an alternate history take compared to the rest of the films. But something about seeing it with live music changed my take on that first film. Maybe it's just been a while, but there was a darker sort of feel to that first film that I'd not realized before.
The Concert Booklet, Show Ticket, and an enamel pin bearing the four house crests on it.
There were of course people that showed up in light cosplay, wearing house robes, house scarves, and carrying wands. There was also a cool backdrop of Hogwarts for people to get their photos taken in front of.
I get what they were trying to do for the photo op here, but it would have been way cooler to have had a backdrop of all of the professors seated at the tables at the head of the great hall, and a prop of the sorting hat and a stool as props.
For any of you who have never attended a classical symphony performance in person, may it be as unrelentingly and wonderfully inspirational and overwhelming to your creative senses as this performance was for me. I really wish I could see other favorite films, from the Princess Bride, to Lord of the Rings in this way. I did years ago see a performance of segments of the Star Wars Trilogy performed this way, and that was incredible to hear.

Like many people, I've always enjoyed live music of all kinds, if only because of it's fluidity, and the capacity to become the audible version of approaching a blank substrate and putting down the first few marks of pigment upon it, and seeing how it goes.

But in more recent weeks, I've been taking to listening to music as a stress reliever, and selfish bit of escapism. It's hopefully going to help me get through the creative quagmire I find myself wading through these days.

Although I am sure some people might think I am weird for doing this, there were many times during the performance that I simply closed my eyes and just let my ears imbibe the resonance of the notes in the hall. I am sure there are scientific reasons why certain intonations and musical works illicit reactions both emotional and physical from humans, but I let myself sink away from reality for moments at a time to let it all take me to Hogwarts, if only for a little while that evening.

Have there ever been any musical performances any of you have attended that inspired you, or moved you in some way?

Until next time, thanks for reading, support your local artists, be kind to your fellow beings, and always take the path less traveled!

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