Radio 74

I became a working Voice Over Actor when while employed at Hallmark in Kansas City, a friend of mine let me know they were holding internal auditions. It was a moment of pure elation when I was rewarded with wonderful opportunities to ply my skill on the microphone.

As a child, I was always mimicking people, cartoons, sounds I heard, movie scenes, and famous people. I wanted to understand sounds, how they originated, why accents sounded as they did.

I had immense fun working with the sound design engineers and musicians at Hallmark, and learned a lot over the two years I did it. I voiced elves, talking animals, and myriad other roles, including my personal favorite, Charlie the Yeti.

Since then, I've kept up doing voice work for other clients, and not wanting to fall out of practice, started "Radio74".  It's mostly a range of topics, spoken word, and some inspirational efforts.