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I dabble in video production because like the amateur cinephile that I have been since I was a wee little guy, I love to get behind the camera and see what I can create from that viewpoint.

It initially started out as a way to chronicle places I'd been to, but from my very early and rough understandings of story boarding out ideas and much trial and error, I found myself understanding more and more about the science and art of the film and video industry, and began to record art creation and ideas I worked on.

We live in an incredible time where footage of an idea that we have in the morning can become a sales pitch, a heartfelt message, news, or great entertainment by that very evening, virtually anywhere in the world, reaching untold numbers of people.

I've had the wonderful chance to meet people that created their own content or that found mine, from places as far off as Australia, Japan, the Ukraine, Italy, and all over the U.S., and I plan on finding out what the next evolution of video is in our lives.